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Units in a 1 month period 

Our basic prices are as follows;

One time registration fee to get started with us ; $75.00

Shoes;  $1.10 per unit = below 999 per month 

Shoes ; $1.00 Per unit= 1000 + per month

** Shoes will be charged a Box fee if large shipments are done of  $3.00 per XL box **

Basic units ;  $1.00 Per unit  Under 1000 units per month

Basic units; .90 over 1000 units per month 

** these prices are reflective of monthly  volume **

Bundles;  .35 up to 5 items per bundle

Over sized bundles ;  .50 

Poly bag . 20

Xl Poly bag  .50 

4000 single units per month + .80 per unit 

8000 single  units per month + 

.75 per unit 

Our policies;

We invoice weekly;

We do not accept PayPal or Payoneer 

We are not responsible for Mis-delivery by carriers

We are not responsible for items once they leave our facility 

Shipments do not move with unpaid invoices 

We are not responsible for items not listed on your spreadsheet .

*** We will hold items that are not on the sheet or "troubles " for 30 days then they will be disposed of at our discretion **


** We reserve the right to refuse service due to mis-treatment, ie. rudeness ,late payments and no payments **

FRAGILE ITEMS; glass, ceramic etc.

A $ 30 late fee will be added to all invoices that are 5 days past due 

Fragile fee ;  .25 per unit 

XL boxes for shoes or large items ; $3.00 

MF Items ; $2.25

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